04 enero, 2006

Letter to Peter Lynds

Dear Peter:

Write you is for my an immense one to please to be able to discuss with you some things on which you have exposed in your Web,s page. Ever since you I found sailing by Internet, been very I have interested in your thoughts.

My name is Ricardo Lopez, I was born the 13 of March of 1974 in Seville, a city to the south of Spain. I am licensed in Physics, although unfortunately I dedicate myself to the real estate business like life means. My great passion is the Physics and the Philosophy like you, and I hope to find in you a good friend with whom to be able to discuss our restlessness. I feel not to be able to express to me in English correctly, I hope that you are able to understand to me.

I am very interesting what you have written on the movement and the time, has liked much that you were based on theses of Zenón de Elea. Nevertheless there is something in which I differ with you. The Thesis of Zenón is based on considering separately to the space and the time; taking itself separately they are infinite, are possible to be divided infinitely; but if we considered them together they are not infinitely divisible.

The time tends to 0 if accelerated movement exists. The maximum is C. When we cross 299,792.5 km in 1 second the time is 0, soon if we can determine a minimum moment in which exists movement; from this point the length contraction is Max and the expansion of time is Max.

Nevertheless this nonsingle happens when we reached C, happens gradually in any change of position state. In order to change of position it is necessary to accelerate, soon will exist a contraction of the space.
In the example of Zenón, Aquilles accelerated to reach to the turtle, but towards with an invariable time, soon not tapeworm in consideration the temporary distortion nor the contraction of the Length of the space. If Zenón had considered it, Aquilles had reached to the turtle as in fact it happens, since the space seen by Aquilles in each acceleration is shorter or what it is the same, the turtle would see that Aquilles is but accelerated time. This means that I cannot be changing of position with respect to the space of infinite form since I cannot accelerate infinitely. Therefore if I can determine the position of an object at a given moment since we must consider to the space and the time of joint form as it established Einstein.

I wait for your answer.

A happy hug and 2006.

Ricardo Lopez Martinez.

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